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How To Make A
Wikipedia Biography

Make A Flawless Wikipedia Biogrpahy Page For Online Credibility

Wikipedia is verified as one of the largest online encyclopedias that provide a secure place to gain reliable knowledge about every topic. The platform allows you to create user-generated content, differentiating it from other traditional encyclopedias. It doesn't let your content just get restricted to some specific people but allows you to use it for wide-ranging sources including news, entertainment, advertising, biographies, and much more.

Before looking into the world of A Wikipedia Biography, you must know about what biography is on Wikipedia.

What is a biography on Wikipedia? A biography is a history or the story of any person's life that involves writing about his education, life, events, relationships, and deaths. Biography writing includes portraying a person's experiences, personality, and works in every media genre, from literature to movies.

Can You Write Your Own
Biography On Wikipedia

If a Wikipedia user has been curious about this question, as mentioned earlier, the answer is, Yes, You can write your own biography on Wikipedia.

However, creating a Wikipedia Biography requires you to get complete research about the personality to make a good-looking page. You have to make sure the information you have collected is authentic and relevant.

Once you search out every possible information about the personality, you have to consider the audience and goal of your page. Understanding the object of your page will let you know the reader's demands and write a Wikipedia Biography accordingly.

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Steps To Create A
Wikipedia Biography Page

Follow the mentioned process to know how to create a
Wikipedia Biography page.

Create A Wikipedia Account

The initial step in this process is to create an account, as Wikipedia doesn't allow you to create a Wikipedia page until you are not registered. create an account, on Wikipedia is entirely free and allows you to select a suitable and unique username. Once you have created an account on Wikipedia, you will get a Wikipedia user page where you can communicate with Wikipedia editors.

If you are currently looking for an account creation process, here is a way.

  • Go to the Wikipedia homepage.
  • Click the "Create an account" option at the top of the homepage.
  • Fill in all the required fields.
  • Make a strong password.
  • Insert your email to recover your account if you forget your password.
  • Click the last option of "Create an account" again to end the process.

Do Search For The Title Of The Page

Doing strong research for your title page is another important thing to achieve. The title tag of your page is the way to see the article. Your title of the page tells google what it is about. Therefore, consider these points when choosing a title for your web page:

  • Make your title as short as possible.
  • Use easy words in your title so your lead can understand your study.
  • Avoid using abbreviations.

Preview If The Title Is Existing On Wikipedia

When you are done choosing the right title for your page, check out whether your title exists on Wikipedia or not. First, you have to visit the Wikipedia homepage and the search bar at the top. Write the name of the title you have selected and click the search logo.

  • Red Link: If you find a red link down to your title, it states that a title you entered does not exist on Wikipedia, and you can build your page with it.
  • Blue Link On the other hand, if the search bar shows you a blue link down to your title, it already exists, and you have to create another title.

Create A Biography Page

Apart from the earlier step, if you have successfully got the red link, you will see the "page creation" feature. All you have to do is to press on the feature and move to the further process. This is the simplest step in the entire process of creating a Biography page. After passing this step, Wikipedia will show it is time to learn policies and guidelines.

Gather The Authentic Sources

Verifiable and authentic sources are extremely important elements in Wikipedia. As it is the largest encyclopedia, it requires information, education, states, and links from other reliable platforms. It includes authentic news platforms, journals, literary articles and publicly available information.

Write The Content For Your Page

You have covered a long way, Writing a Wikipedia biography is one of the essential fragments of the page creation process. Now you have to create informative content for your proposed Wikipedia page. Try to make a draft of your content so that you can cut and edit them later. Wikipedia endorses to gain some experience by editing your article in the sandbox.

For writing the biography content, you must ensure that the following sections are defined clearly.

  • Describe the subject's early life to know their early lifestyle. It helps you to keep the reader engaged.
  • You must talk about the subject's life details such as what challenges they faced and how they spent their life.
  • Discussing the subject's personal marriage and kids in your content will add notability and an interesting element.
  • Do not forget to discuss the purpose of his fame.
  • Discuss the person's education. The more information you provide, the more it will attract the reader's attention.
  • And the last thing is not to miss obliged references to every little information you have written in your content.

Finalize The Content

Finalizing the content means making sure the content you have created is error free. Users must scrutinize the page and content before submitting it to Wikipedia. Because Wikipedia doesn't comprise the quality of content, the more quality content you will provide, the more early it will get published on Wikipedia.

Click On The Submit Button

In the final steps, The last option is to press the submit button and send it for the further process, which is "approval by Wikipedia." After sending an approval request, you have to wait for at least 3 to 6 months. As Wikipedia biography will have thousands of requests pending to get approval so it might consume your time.

Keep Updating Your Pager By The Time

Updating your page is a part of the Wikipedia page creation procedure; you might be wondering why This is because the list of your page creation process doesn't finish here. If you do not maintain your page with fresh and new information, you will miss a good chunk of your organic traffic. You can call more readers to read your content when you update your page over time. For instance, increasing the person's age yearly ensures you have also updated it on the page.

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